Why Testing Maryland? For Change!

It’s simple. I don’t want things to be how they already are… I want them to be BETTER! The stories in the papers show us that in order to succeed, you bend and evade the rules. Lying and cheating have become almost expected, and a system that rewards the lying and cheating is not only harmful and ineffective, but is ultimately not respected by the citizens it is supposed to serve. What gets created is a society where it is “every man for himself”. It’s probably why there are growing numbers of people who think that governments should not be able to do the things that it can:  it stopped being about WE THE PEOPLE.

What’s really going on in a state that ranked 40th among the other ones to receive a grade of D- from the State Integrity Investigation in 2011 for corruption risk? When did that happen to the state I love? I read the report, and the overview that you can find HERE on Maryland. In it, you too will find statements such as this one from a Maryland Public Policy Institute senior fellow who spoke about procurement this way: “It’s a one-party state; there is no enforcement function at all..There is just no accountability in how the state does things.”

We’ve had a shakeup in the Governor’s mansion and in a few local offices here in Maryland that I for one hope will change things up to make things better. There is nothing cool about complacency and “the way things have always been done around here”. I have witnessed, first-hand, the many ways in which a person can essentially get away with making false statements to police officers and peace officers, commit perjury, commit bankruptcy fraud, continue to transact business under a company name that doesn’t exist, and use our legal system for a phony lawsuit in order to help create a good cover story for their theft against the US Government as well as tax evasion/voter fraud in Maryland by a ring of co-workers. What SHE did, is well documented on another site I mention herein. A person can’t get away with these things without systems in place that enable them to, so the bigger question became: What’s With Maryland That These Sorts of Things Can Happen, and How Prevalent Is It Really?

Judicial Accountability ranked as D- in Maryland, and Maryland ranked 46th (an “F” grade) among the other states for public access to information. There are things I can check into and see for myself, and things I will never likely experience. A person’s decision to move to or stay in a place is often governed by how much engagement they feel with their state. How user-friendly is the state to its’ citizens? Does the state really care about its’ citizens? You might think these questions are strange, because I am discussing a state. But if a state needs my lawful participation, money and stewardship, and prefers that I not be a burden to it and instead opt to act productively within it, then it certainly is a two way street. Both parties give, in order to get. Howard County is MY county, Maryland is MY state, and the United States are MINE. I care about each of them, and I will be more engaged if and when I can see that each cares about ME back.

In my past, I owned a mystery shopping service. So I decided to use those skills in order to mystery shop various aspects of the state of Maryland that I was encountering. What is contained in these pages is the report for what I found. This isn’t a democrat or a republican issue, it’s a WE THE PEOPLE issue, from one of the people. In the mystery shopping world, it’s commonly known that happy customers tells 3 people and disgruntled customers tell 3,000. For those who think that companies are the only entities who need to consider customer engagement, they are wrong. How residents FEEL about the city and state where they live will absolutely have an impact on what they do or don’t do (and how willing or unwilling they are to do it). If you want your citizens to care about their city or state, you have to understand that reciprocity is at work (you have to care also). For many in government, this is a foreign concept. Change isn’t always welcomed, but when it’s needed, it’s needed.

Maryland needs it!




change sometimes not welcome

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  1. What a great use of the Maryland public information act! Maybe you will inspire more citizens to do the same for their state.

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