Great State of Maryland

There are so many good things to say about the state of Maryland, that’s it’s almost challenging to decide what to put on this site. In the interest of trying not to sound trite, I will get the cliche things about Maryland out of the way. This is in no way meant to be an exhaustive list, as I’m sure my list would differ from yours.

Maryland isn’t a huge state, but it isn’t the smallest one either. It’s “just right” in size. It borders Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware and the District of Columbia. I don’t know if many states can say that they border so many others like we do. We are close to the Nation’s Capital, and in fact, DC actually came from land that used to be Maryland. We also border an ocean, and are a divider between the North and the South. Maryland has over 4400 miles of shoreline, which includes the Cheapeake Bay.Maryland was also one of the original 13 colonies before the United States were formed. In Maryland, we experience (distinctly) all four of the seasons, which some states cannot say.

The state motto is: ” Fatti maschii parole femine ” which allegedly means ” Strong deeds, Gentle words “. Fascinating.

Maryland has many “firsts” to its’ credit. A few are:

First US sugar refinery: Domino Sugar

First Post Office was built in Baltimore in 1774

First dental college in the world: Baltimore College of Dental Surgery

The oldest state capitol house still in legislative use is the Maryland State House.


Maryland has a lot to offer, and is truly a beautiful state. But it has its’ flaws. The question is, are they flaws that can be corrected, and WILL they be corrected?


That remains to be seen.

Man and flag of Maryland (clipping path included)

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