A Judge’s Nameplate and Access to His Courts

That woman, Shontell Hunter, is the perfect embodiment of why money should not be a deterrent to being able to access the Maryland appeals courts! Her case mattered, and will help others who will face the same challenge. (I’d like to think it also sent shockwaves through the landlord community in Maryland!)

Shontell’s appeal case is our first scholarship designee… the perfect one! She, along with attorneys from the nonprofit Public Justice Center, Speaker Busch, scholarship donors, and other interested parties, will be meeting at the House Chambers next week on May 15th for a ceremony involving the nameplate for Judge Bell’s portrait (he retired in 2013, and the portrait was unveiled that November) and the first award of funds.

While the Maryland Judiciary’s tagline in recent years has become, “Justice delayed is justice denied”, I’d like to concentrate on making it easier for people to access justice at that building where Chief Judge Robert M. Bell walked the halls for 17 years on the 4th floor and 7 years prior on the floor below.

Here’s the letter I sent to Judge Bell inviting him to attend the ceremony:

If I’ve intrigued you to want to see more and to get involved, please click the link to go to the link below, where you will see a video, and more information.

Help me to assist people in reaching the court where Judge Bell worked and where laws for our state are crafted…