Maryland Judge Reversal Rates

Judicial Error: it’s a thing!

From now on, the tabulation we provided for the reversal of the decisions of Maryland Circuit Court judges will be found on this tab.  We’ve been asked to provide commentary on the reversals tabulated, and it is for this reason that we state that:


the following circuit court judges have a higher reversal rate relative to their fellow judges (please keep in mind that it would be important to view this information relative to the overall number of decisions a particular makes, which is information that the Judiciary certainly has but we do not):

Krystal Alves (PG)

Herman Dawson (PG) DOB 10/54

Sean Wallace (PG) DOB 6/60

Lawrence Fletcher-Hill (Balt city) DOB 4/58

Ronald Rubin (Montgomery) DOB 7/55

Mickey Norman (Balt County) DOB 8/50

William Tucker (Howard) DOB 12/61

Thomas Groton III (Worchester) retiring this year by Aug 6


The following circuit court judges have a bump* in the number of decisions that were reversed when we view them in terms of the numbers they had in our last update 6 months ago (we decline to speculate on the reasons):


Dwight Jackson (PG) DOB 12/56

Michael Pearson (PG) DOB 9/69

Alfred Nance (Balt City) DOB 4/48

Melissa Phinn (Balt City) DOB ____

Lynn Stewart-Mays (Balt City) DOB 8/63 (tagged at least twice by Judicial Disabilities)

Cheryl McCally (Montgomery) DOB 8/54

Michael Finifter (Balt County) DOB 8/57

Lenore Gelfman (Howard) retiring next year DOB 9/30/48

Paul Goetzke (Anne Arundel) DOB 6/28/60

Angela Eaves (Harford) DOB 4/22/59

James Sarbanes (Wicomico admin) DOB 8/70 *only a judge since 2014, but has more reversals in past 2 years than many other judges


(*”bump” means 3 or more decisions)


Information was provided (where available) for the judge’s date of birth, because some have been wondering about the mandatory retirement thing that Mike Miller has tried to pass twice now for judges.

1947 is the birth year for judges who will be mandatorily retiring in 2017.  This affected Peter Krauser at the Court of Special Appeals (5/5/47), who was forced to retire.

Those who have wondered if this is really a critical issue for Maryland politics in terms of which side of the aisle will control what with Maryland law, we have the following information to provide:


Court of Appeals

Sally Adkins  retires in THREE years DOB 1/21/50

Clayton Greene Jr. in FOUR years DOB 1/22/51

Mary Ellen Barbera in FOUR years DOB 9/10/51

Both McDonald and Getty will be in FIVE years


Court of Special Appeals (the people who do most of the work and dispose of most of the appeals in Maryland anyway, since the Court of Appeals very rarely takes a case unless they think it’s relevant to a large # of Marylanders)


Patrick Woodward next year DOB 11/48

Alexander Wright Jr in TWO years  DOB 11/49

Both Meredith and Eyler in FIVE years


DOB 1948= retires in ONE yea in 2018

DOB 1950= retires in TWO years in 2019

DOB 1951= retires in THREE years in 2020



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